Kingdom Youth Ministry

Target Group
Children age 3 and up

Kingdom Youth Ministry meets every Sunday, except for the 4th Sunday of each month. Kingdom Youth Ministry begins just before the start of the sermon and ends when main service concludes.

Ministry Leaders
Sis. Rita Crockett and Sis. Phyllis Viney



To prepare this generation for the work of the Kingdom of God.


To introduce children to the Word of God that they may find their purpose and assignment in life.

To introduce the students to Jesus Christ in hope that they will accept Him as their personal Savior and Lord of their life.

And in doing so they will discover a better way of life as a servant in the Kingdom of God.


To enable us to know God, to know ourselves, and to equip us not only with a knowledge of the past but with the ability to live life today.

We have 5 classes, for children who range in age from 3 and up.

There is required mandatory learning for each class. As they go from class to class there are certain things they must learn. Every student that enters the program must learn their books of the Bible first. The full list of mandatory learning is as follows:

Ages 3-5
66 Books of the Bible
Genesis 1:1

Ages 6-7
The Lord’s Prayer
12 Disciples
Fruit of the Spirit
Psalms 118:24

Ages 8-9
6 Things God Hates
12 Tribes of Israel
Psalm 100
Psalm 150:6

Ages 10-12
23rd Psalm
10 Commandments
Whole Armor of God
Psalm 46:1

Age 13+
Gifts of the Spirit
5-Fold Ministry
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

and more…

This year we want to encourage our students to read their Bibles more (with understanding).

Kingdom Youth Ministry Staff
New Dimensions Class (age 13 and up): Sis. Christina Dunlap, Min. Anthony Jackson & Min. Eli Marshall; Age 10-12: Min. James Devers & Sis. Lavonda Brown; Age 8-9: Sis. Robin Locke & Sis. Cheri Wilks; Age 6-7: Sis. Phyllis Viney & Sis. LaYanna Palmore; and Age 3-5: Sis. Claudia Marshall & Sis. Rita Crockett