Care Ministry

Target Group
Members of and visitors to Bethel Temple Church

The Care Ministry meets on Sundays after morning service at 2:30PM on the second Sunday of the month.

Ministry Leaders
Sis. Rita Crockett

The Care Ministry serves in the following capacities:

Visitors – Visitors will be greeted by a Care Ministry team member and given information about our church. They will be sent a thank you card for attending our service(s) and given an invitation to visit us again soon.

Birthdays – Every member of Bethel Temple Church will be sent a birthday card.

Sickness – Get well and sympathy cards will be sent .

Shut-In – A card will be sent and a phone call placed at least once per month.

We Miss You – A phone call placed.

Christmas – A Christmas card will be sent to each member/family.

Care Ministry Team
Sis. Rita Crockett, Sis. Charlene Hutson, Sis. Christine Edom, Sis. Sharon Harris, Sis. Lisa Clark & Sis. Gail Stills.