Women’s Ministry – Daughters of the True Vine

Click here to view photos from the 2015 Daughter’s of the True Vine Conference.

Target Audience

Every 4th Sunday at 5:00 PM. Please check the calendar each month to verify meeting date, time and location.

Ministry Leader
Lisa M. Clark  > profile

Our Vision

The vision of the ministry is to empower all women to be an influence in their home, community and workforce – wherever God has placed them for the Kingdom of God. To build a bridge of hope in this dying world, leading by example and teaching women to stand in the gap and build hedges through prayer, fasting, vision and the word of God. Teaching women how to claim their position as Daughters of the True Vine and teaching them how to work together to build the Kingdom of God. Our primary goal is to assemble the women of the church to share time, growing in their spiritual knowledge and love of God.

WE ARE women that choose to go deep in God. God created us to feel and think. Our souls hunger, not only for the presence of God, but also for the knowledge of his truth.

Remember, who you are and who you are serving. Seek the Lord in whatever He would have you do for his Kingdom. Rely on the Lord’s strength, stay encouraged. Remembering that what you are doing has eternal consequences.

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Our Mission

To meet the need of Christian women and help them grow in their relationship in Jesus Christ. The word “ministry” literally means to serve. This ministry will exist to serve and teach women how to minister to others. It is action based and focuses on living a Godly life with guidance from the Bible. Our primarily goal is to assemble the women of the church to share time growing in their spiritual knowledge and love of God.

Ministry Networking

  • Hosting bible studies
  • Retreats
  • Service projects
  • Gathering events
  • Recruit teams and workers
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Use feedback forms
  • Working with other Women’s Ministries outside the walls of Bethel
  • Willing to connect with other ministry events throughout the city
  • Planning yearly events

Our Purpose

As an umbrella for all women, both single and married, the purpose of this ministry is to empower women through the word of God, addressing the needs in their lives. Providing an atmosphere of healing, bond and sisterhood. To strengthen women, one by one, through the word. As they are strengthened, their families are strengthened, their marriages are strengthened and the strongholds of the enemy are destroyed.

Ministry Components

  • God’s Weeping Women/Prayer
  • Women’s Dine Out/Fellowship
  • Bible Study
  • Book Club

We Are! – An Affirmation

WE ARE women coming together, knitted like the needles of a yarn of thread – interwoven.
WE ARE those women created by the living God, knowing where they are going. Our journeys take different paths, but we understand one another.
WE ARE those mature women, seasoned by the trials of life. Our cultures paint many colors of life.
WE ARE those women who have come through much pain, grief and suffering that have been wounded by misunderstanding, rejection; misused and abused by the scars of life. Healed by the power of God,
WE ARE those women who are no longer confused, but stronger than ever. Today, we declare that
WE ARE victorious, triumph, conquering women. These are the things of our past that have made us stand up and say, “We have overcome,
WE ARE still here standing, pressing forward for others that have not yet gotten here.”
WE ARE only by God’s grace, and his love and faith, women of all ages that are courageous, loving inspiring, educated and desiring to fulfill this great plan that God has given us.
WE ARE those women that know the journey is not over for each of us. Let this journey this year be a fire by night, ignited by the Holy Spirit, and a cloud by day to search out the places that you ought to go this year.

Deut. 1:33, “Who went the way before, to search you out a place to pitch your tent in, and fire by night to show you by what way ye should go and in a cloud by day.”
Prov. 25:2 “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings to search out the matter.”

WE ARE, those women that will give God glory in everything that we do. We will declare, He will be magnified and He will be praised for the things He has done through our lives.

Given to Lady Lisa by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, January 2015.

The Gathering

The Daughters of the True Vine gather every fourth Sunday at 5 p.m.  This gathering is a time of release, impartation, relationship building and strength.  Under the direction of Lady Lisa, empowering words of inspiration and wisdom are released.  Through prayer, the proclaimed word or simply a time of sharing, the daughters are strengthened by the power of God.


As God directs, the daughters of Bethel Temple join other daughters of the kingdom to hear a word, fellowship and draw strength from one another.  Through casual fellowship to intense impartation, women are strengthened by the power of God.

The Conference

In October, 2007, God propelled the daughters to another level through the movement of the first “Daughters of the True Vine” conference.  This anointed gathering transferred the life changing word of God into the lives of the women.  With empowering words from four mighty women of God, including Lady Lisa, the women were taught, inspired and spiritually motivated to walk in the fullness of the call God has placed on their lives.

Who We Are – An Affirmation

We are women, women of God created in His image. We are black, white and yellow, we are women of all color and races, but yet one in the Spirit. We are strong, mighty, courageous, willing, desiring women. We are women of strength and of power. We are women of faith; women of femininity. We are women of destiny and purpose and we will fulfill this great plan of God for our lives. We are a sister, a daughter, a mother, someone’s grandmother, the wife to our husband. We are a friend in time of need. We are women that will build the old waste places, raising up the foundations of many generations, and shall be called the repairers of the breach, the restorers of paths to dwell in (Isaiah 58:12).  – by Lisa M. Clark (2002)