Sermons by Bishop Dane Clark

There’s a Message Beyond Your Mess

It’s Time to Let it Go

My God, My God. Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

A Real Experience with God

2 thoughts on “Sermons by Bishop Dane Clark

  1. Jackie Shepherd

    My GOD! Pastor Clark great short sweet word. Sometimes we can hear a message one way and the next time you hear it, it can be put a totally different way. I really enjoyed listening(and hearing what thus said the Lord). I truly miss you all but I’m glad to see that your still seeking to please God! So I’ll leave you with this:
    I pray as I continue this journey that I will never bring shame to HIS name and that I don’t frustate HIS GRACE that GOD has given me! I love you and GOD BLESS

  2. Pastor Randy L Johnson

    i could not be there to here your message or see you in person but i see our Lord is still using you in a mghty way call me when you get a chance i love you and lisa

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